Clermont County Lincoln-Reagan Day

It gives me much pleasure to announce the Clermont County Lincoln-Reagan Day fundraiser to be held on March 3, 2017 at 5:30 pm.  It will be at Holiday Inn Eastgate and our speakers will be:
  • Jane Timken, Chairwoman Ohio Republican Party, 1985 Walnut Hills graduate, Harvard College, JD from American University, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees Kent State University, Fundraiser for Donald Trump
  • Dr. Al Tuchfarber, Professor Emeritus of Political Science University of Cincinnati, founded the Ohio Poll, Entertainer
  • Dr. Christopher Phillips, Professor of History University of Cincinnati, a Fulbright Scholar, has author 6 books on the civil war and is a Lincoln scholar
Please mark your calendar and plan on inviting your family and friends to join your table for an educational evening with fellow conservatives. This is a special time in history for Republicans at all levels of government and we need your support and involvement more now than ever before.
Kindest regards,
David Uible Chairman
Clermont County Republican Party
Registration at this link:  Registration-Form

Inauguration Celebration

Come one, come all !

When: Friday, January 20th , 9pm-11pm
Cost:  Free
The Clermont County Republican Party will be hosting a Trump Inauguration Celebration this Friday from 9:00-11:00pm. We will be broadcasting Fox News of the Inaugural Ball live from Washington DC on the big movie screen.  Come one, come all and help us usher in a new day in American politics!
The Eastgate Brew & View’s made to order food is awesome and their 30 beers on tap could help make this a night to remember.  Come on over for drinks, dinner or a snack and watch the Inauguration Ball on the Big Screen.
First Come First Served on the seats.
Feel free to dress-up, or dress-down!

Central Committee Voted to Recommend Candidates for Vacating Judge Seat

The Clermont County Republican Party Central Committee voted on November 16, 2016 to recommend candidates to the Governor of Ohio for consideration of appointment to the upcoming vacant Clermont County Municipal Court Judge position that will be vacated when Anthony Brock resigns his Municipal Court Judge position to accept a Common Pleas Court Judge position at the end December 2016.  A total of 106 Central Committee members voted on the four qualified candidates for the position and the top three as follows were recommended to the Governor for consideration:

Jessie Kramig              63 Votes

Laura Tekulve             24 Votes

Lara Baron                  13 Votes


November 8, 2016 Election Results – Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Donald J. Trump                   President of the United States
Rob Portman                        U.S. Senator
Brad Wenstrup                     Representative to Congress – 2nd District
Joe Uecker                             Ohio State Senator – 14th District
John Becker                           Ohio State Representative – 65th District
Doug Green                           Ohio State Representative – 66th District
Ed Humphrey                        Clermont County Commissioner
David Painter                        Clermont County Commissioner
Vince Faris                             Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney
Barb Wiedenbein                 Clermont County Clerk of Court Common Pleas
Steve Leahy                           Clermont County Sheriff
Deborah Clepper                  Clermont County County Recorder
Jeanne M. Zurmehly             Clermont County Treasurer
Patrick Manger                      Clermont County Engineer
Brian Treon                            Clermont County Coroner
Nick Owens                            State Board of Education – 10th District
Maureen O’Connor               Chief Justice Supreme Court
Mike DeWine                          Justice of Supreme Court
Robin N. Piper                        Judge Court of Appeals
Mike Powell                            Judge Court of Appeals
Anthony W. Brock                 Judge Common Pleas
Kathleen M. Rodenberg       Judge Domestic Relations

Official Clermont County Republican Party 11/8/2016 Voting Guide

Click to Download the Official Clermont County Republican Voting Guide