Chairman’s recent letter to the President

Dear Mr. President:

In the midst of all the brouhaha and falderal swirling around your presidency and your administration, we wanted to tell you how much we respect and admire your accomplishments, your steadfastness in the pursuit of your overall objective to Make America Great Again and your determined focus on doing what’s best for America, regardless of the opposition from establishment Republicans, democrats, the national left-wing print and electronic media, socialists at home and abroad and our international adversaries like Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, N. Korea and various nations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
You received almost 68% of the vote here in Clermont County last November and the Clermont Republican Party is proud to be supporting you as President. Please continue to persist in making our nation great again!

Gratefully yours,
David Uible
Chairman, Clermont County (Ohio) Republican Party