January 21 CCRCC Meeting Wrap Up

January 21 2015 CCRCC MeetingAnother terrific county central committee meeting tonight. Many thanks to those of you who attended!

Party Chairman Uible’s remarks:

We are very excited to announce that Rand Paul will be this year’s Lincoln/Reagan Day speaker. Tickets are on sale now (see above). Price for the dinner is $75 per ticket (increases to $85 per ticket on February 1st). Steak, chicken, and vegetarian options for dinner are available. Please reach out to friends and help us make this a successful event!

It is anticipated that there will be no primary election in Clermont County this year. Letters for endorsement need to be given to the party Chairman (David Uible) by March 20th.

Central Committee Chairman Hines remarks:

Many elections will be occurring this year – trustee races, fiscal officer, school boards, and more. Please contact the Clermont County Board of Elections to learn more about filing deadlines and requirements for running. Learn more at the Clermont Board of Elections – 513-732-7275. Online: www.clermontelections.org

Chairman Hines also encouraged that people take a moment to read our party bylaws and endorsement policy. These documents are currently being reviewed for revision. Document links are available by clicking on “Links” in the menu above.

Elected officials speaking tonight:

John Becker, State Representative 65th District
Greg Simpson, Republican State Central Committee
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio 2nd Congressional District (via videotape)

Candidates attending tonight:

Suellen Bradford (Municipal Court Judge Candidate 2015)
Laurie Teckulve (Municipal Court Judge Candidate 2015)
Jason Nagel (Municipal Court Judge Candidate 2015)
Kevin Miles (Municipal Court Judge Candidate 2015)
Tim Rudd (County Clerk of Courts Candidate 2015)
Ed Humphrey (County Commissioner Candidate in 2016)

The next county central committee meeting will be held at party headquarters on Wednesday, March 18th, 7pm at Party Headquarters. An endorsement meeting will also be held on Thursday, April 16th, 7pm at the Holiday Inn Eastgate (closed to the public).