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November 8, 2016 Election Results – Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Donald J. Trump                   President of the United States
Rob Portman                        U.S. Senator
Brad Wenstrup                     Representative to Congress – 2nd District
Joe Uecker                             Ohio State Senator – 14th District
John Becker                           Ohio State Representative – 65th District
Doug Green                           Ohio State Representative – 66th District
Ed Humphrey                        Clermont County Commissioner
David Painter                        Clermont County Commissioner
Vince Faris                             Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney
Barb Wiedenbein                 Clermont County Clerk of Court Common Pleas
Steve Leahy                           Clermont County Sheriff
Deborah Clepper                  Clermont County County Recorder
Jeanne M. Zurmehly             Clermont County Treasurer
Patrick Manger                      Clermont County Engineer
Brian Treon                            Clermont County Coroner
Nick Owens                            State Board of Education – 10th District
Maureen O’Connor               Chief Justice Supreme Court
Mike DeWine                          Justice of Supreme Court
Robin N. Piper                        Judge Court of Appeals
Mike Powell                            Judge Court of Appeals
Anthony W. Brock                 Judge Common Pleas
Kathleen M. Rodenberg       Judge Domestic Relations

Official Clermont County Republican Party 11/8/2016 Voting Guide

Click to Download the Official Clermont County Republican Voting Guide



June 17 CCRCC Central Committee Meeting Wrap Up

June 17 2015 CCRCC MeetingTonight the county central committee met and discussed several important issues.

  • The next election the Clermont County will be held on November 3, 2015.
  • This November election includes races to be decided such as – city councils, township trustee (1 in each township), fiscal officer (1 in each township), municipal court judges, municipal clerk of courts, several village mayors, village council seats, 2 school board seats in each school district (West Clermont SD – 3 seats) (Clermont Northeastern – 3 seats).
  • Contact the Clermont Board of Election for more information about filing deadlines, signature requirements, and any other questions about voting or running for office. Phone: 513-732-7275, Website: www.clermontelections.org.
  • State Representative John Becker’s monthly newsletter  – a very helpful resource about legislative news from Columbus – can be seen at: www.beckergop.com.
  • To volunteer at the Republican Party County Fair Booth during the week of July 26 through August 1, contact the party to volunteer at this link.
  • There will be a Republican Party County Picnic planned for either September 19 at East Fork State Park at the Matt Maupin Pavilion – more details TBA.
  • Endorsement request letters for the 2016 Primary are due to the Party Chairman, David Uible, by November 1, 2015. Contact the chairman at this link.
  • The county endorsement meeting is scheduled for December 1, 2015. (Endorsement meetings are closed to the public).
  • The filing deadline for the 2016 Primary Election is December 16, 2015.
  • The 2016 Ohio Primary Election will be held on March 15, 2016.

The next Clermont County Republican Central Committee meeting will be held on September 16, 2015 at party headquarters in Batavia.

May 20th CCRCC Meeting Wrap Up

May 20 Clermont County Republican Central Committee meetingThe Clermont County Republican Party Central Committee met tonight in Batavia, OH.

A few highlights from tonight’s meeting:

Our keynote speaker was Scott Landreth, Director of the Ohio 10th Amendment Center.

“The Tenth Amendment Center is a national think tank that works to preserve and protect the principles of strictly limited government through information, education, and activism. The center serves as a forum for the study and exploration of state and individual sovereignty issues, focusing primarily on the decentralization of federal government power as required by the Constitution.”

Also discussed this evening:

Our next county central committee meeting will be held Wednesday, June 17th, 7PM at party headquarters in Batavia.

Thank you for your support!

The 2015 Clermont County Republican Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner was a big success!

Special thanks to our speakers, volunteers, and guests.

Here are a few pictures from the event. More pictures and video will be available soon.


Clermont County Sheriff’s Department Color Guard:


55KRC radio’s Brian Thomas emcee:


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul:




Ending the Insanity of “Government Knows Best”

By Tim Rudd
Clermont County Republican Party Chairman

Labor Day in a presidential election year is upon us. A relevant question is would you rather keep more of your paycheck or send more of your paycheck to Washington? If you want to keep more of your paycheck then you can’t wait till Election Day to vote for the Republican team of Romney and Ryan. If you want to keep less of your paycheck, well then you like the current occupant of the White House who just “likes to spread the wealth around”.

Ever since Obama’s inauguration Washington has been on one big spending spree. First it was his bloated stimulus package where Washington picked the winners and losers. Remember the $535 million of taxpayers money wasted on the single company Solyndra. Then there was the budget busting deficit monster Obamacare with its mandate which wasn’t a tax before it was a tax.

  • Under the current administration Washington has become an over corpulent Leviathan gorging itself on non-existent taxpayer wealth, after all only approximately 50% of all households must file a federal tax return.
  • Its corpulence has led to anemic economic growth less than half the White House projections for the last two years.
  • Our national debt this year will increase by one trillion dollars.
  • Unemployment was promised to be below 6% by now but is still over 8%.
  • IMF projections show China’s GDP will surpass our own by 2017.
  • Gas cost $1.84 in January 2008.

Hold Obama to his own words regarding fixing the economy, “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Romney and Ryan will put an end to the insanity of the mentality that government knows best. They understand that our greatness was not created by a government program but by the sweat, sacrifice and decision making of individual Americans going about their daily lives in a free market economy.

Romney will bring years of private business experience to the job as President. Ryan brings years of experience courageously working on the federal budget to cut federal spending and has prepared plans, Roadmap for America’s Future and Path to Prosperity, that foresees a nation growing its way to prosperity.  If conservatives were looking for a reason to believe, then the addition of Paul Ryan to the ticket should make us all believers. Romney- Ryan will put that federal bloated Leviathan on a diet of lower taxation, lower spending, and lower regulation.  First actions will include ending Obamacare and approving the Keystone pipeline.

Irony describes the current vice president charges that the Republicans would put people “back into chains”. It is the current administration with its bloated spending policies which are enslaving the citizens of the United States to a mountain of debt. If the current trend is not stopped then we will be guilty to enslaving our children, their children, and our great grandchildren to an insurmountable federal indebtedness. We can break those chains. Romney- Ryan is the chisel and you are hammer, anvil and forge.