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November 8, 2016 Election Results – Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Congratulations to 22 Elected Republicans!

Donald J. Trump                   President of the United States
Rob Portman                        U.S. Senator
Brad Wenstrup                     Representative to Congress – 2nd District
Joe Uecker                             Ohio State Senator – 14th District
John Becker                           Ohio State Representative – 65th District
Doug Green                           Ohio State Representative – 66th District
Ed Humphrey                        Clermont County Commissioner
David Painter                        Clermont County Commissioner
Vince Faris                             Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney
Barb Wiedenbein                 Clermont County Clerk of Court Common Pleas
Steve Leahy                           Clermont County Sheriff
Deborah Clepper                  Clermont County County Recorder
Jeanne M. Zurmehly             Clermont County Treasurer
Patrick Manger                      Clermont County Engineer
Brian Treon                            Clermont County Coroner
Nick Owens                            State Board of Education – 10th District
Maureen O’Connor               Chief Justice Supreme Court
Mike DeWine                          Justice of Supreme Court
Robin N. Piper                        Judge Court of Appeals
Mike Powell                            Judge Court of Appeals
Anthony W. Brock                 Judge Common Pleas
Kathleen M. Rodenberg       Judge Domestic Relations

Official Clermont County Republican Party 11/8/2016 Voting Guide

Click to Download the Official Clermont County Republican Voting Guide